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Student Life

Student Life includes all of the fun and amazing things we do outside of classrooms that help us to grow in wisdom, stature, in favor with God, and in favor with man.

Each upper school student is assigned to a house, named after our four student council representatives.

House will earn points throughout the school year, competing for our prized House Cup!

Points are earned through participation in Spirit Weeks and going above and beyond

in assisting teachers throughout the year.

The middle school and high school students who earn the most points at the end of the year

will receive a monetary prize!

At SBCS, we believe this is a great way to encourage teamwork, participation,

and strengthening the SBCS Family as a whole.

23-24 House Shields (24).png
The Ella House.png
The Foster House.png
The Hemphill House (1).png

2022 - 2023

House Cup Winner


Student Life Opportunities

School Spirit & Community

  • Spirit Weeks

  • Homecoming

  • Field Trips/Overnight Trips

  • Upperclassmen Gala

  • Annual School Theme


Cultural Understanding & Appreciation

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Black History Month

  • Grandparents Day

  • Pastor Appreciation Day

  • 911/Patriot's Day

  • Veteran's Day



  • Student Government

  • Student Ambassadors

  • Broadcast Anchors (LS)

  • See You at the Pole

  • National Day of Prayer


Academic Excellence

  • Dr. Seuss Day

  • Read Across America

  • National Pi Day

  • Constitution Day

  • Math Olympics

  • Spelling Bees

  • Sword Drills

  • Honor Roll/Principal's Honor Roll

Need someone to talk to?

At Campus Ministries, we're always here for you!

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