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Campus Ministries

The vision for Campus Ministries is to assist students to find and pursue life in Jesus and foster a  gospel-centered community in an academically rich environment. Campus Ministries is able to complete this vision through two avenues. First, the Campus Ministries team is available to disciple and mentor students when any challenges arise. Secondly, Campus Ministries has also sought to serve our student body by creating and facilitating Christ-centered relationships directly through our Student Mentorship Program.

For more information about our Student Mentorship Program, click here.

What we can help with:

  • Managing feelings

  • Dealing with others

  • Working out problems with friends

  • Organization & test-taking strategies

  • Setting & achieving goals

  • Problem-solving & decision-making

Campus Ministries Team

Campus Ministries provides comprehensive services to all students, giving them opportunities and tools to grow in faith.

What can we help with?

  • College and career planning

  • Setting and achieving goals

  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • Working well with others

  • Working out problems with friends

  • Managing your feelings (stress, anxiety, anger, etc.)

  • Organization/test-taking strategies

  • Financial Aid planning

  • Referrals for community sources

Service Hours & Opportunities

All upper school SBCS students are required to fulfill service hours. Find out how you can serve!

Chapel Videos

Chapel is generally held on the Wednesday of each week. Visiting pastors come in from local community churches to speak life into our students! 

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