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S.E.W. Spring 2022

Last week, our Upper School students enjoyed their Spring Spiritual Emphasis Week. Students gathered for Chapel each day, where they joined in corporate worship and were challenged to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Middle school students met in the auditorium each morning and were taught by Jackie Pegram. Each class helped lead worship for a day before hearing a dynamic lesson from God’s Word. Mrs. Jackie brought new life to familiar Bible stories to teach students important truths from God’s word. She started the week by talking about forgiveness, telling students, “God knows everything you’ve done and He will still forgive you.” The week concluded with a lively retelling of Esther’s story, where Mrs. Jackie dressed in costume as Esther. She said, “God’s timing is the right timing and He’s always on time.” The energy and passion that Mrs. Jackie brings to Scripture engages returning and new students alike, getting our students excited about Chapel and growing in their faith.

Daron Osbourne, the pastor of Friends Baptist Church, spoke to our high school students each afternoon for Spiritual Emphasis Week. Pastor Osbourne’s theme for the week was Choices. He encouraged our high school students to evaluate their priorities and to commit to putting God first in their lives. He spoke about the importance of surrounding themselves with people who were also committed to Christ and doing what is right, saying “It’s easier to do the right thing when you have the right group.” The messages also emphasized the importance of being a light to others, because we do not know what burdens others carry. Ultimately, he told students, the best choice that anyone can make is to accept the salvation offered by God through Christ.

Our prayer is that the decisions made during Spiritual Emphasis Week result in students having a closer walk with God and impacting our community for Christ. Thank you, Mrs. Jackie and Pastor Osbourne, for speaking Truth to our students!

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