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Our admissions team would love to show you around our Historic campus and facilities!


Our lower school is two stories, with classrooms on the first level and the gymnasium above.  Our upper school is across the street and consists of three levels. The first level contains middle school and specials classrooms, the middle level is comprised of mostly administration offices with some middle school/high school classrooms, while the top-level contains high school classrooms and our Discovery Center.  

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Visiting Salem​

Please contact Shannon Bianco at  (336) 725-6113 x6075 or email to schedule a visit.
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Last year was my first year attending SBCS, and I love it here. The student body is welcoming and friendly, so I made a lot of good friends in the first week of school. All the teachers are great. They help students really understand things. I love the weekly chapel messages we get from different speakers.  Mr. Carson and Dr. Campbell are involved with us students and available if we need to talk to them. I am really glad to be a Salem Viking!

9th Grade Ambassador
Volleyball, Soccer, Praise Team

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429 S. Broad St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Upper School x6000
Lower School x6098
Preschool x6007

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