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The Trips Week Tradition at SBCS!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Parks, museums, hiking, roller coasters, tours, and tons of fun! During the week of February 28-March 4, our high school students made amazing memories on their overnight trips to Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida.

The Freshman and Sophomore classes traveled to Kentucky and toured The Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum. At The Ark Encounter, students toured a re-creation of the Ark based on the details in Genesis. With a petting zoo, VR stimulator, and many presentations, the group stayed busy at the Ark. Mr. Ayers, our high school Bible teacher and a trip chaperone, appreciated that it wasn't just about science or Bible, but included world and biblical history, like a world mythology room that demonstrated how several mythological systems contain a flood account.

These classes also visited The Creation Museum. The Creation Museum emphasized that the modern scientific and the biblical account of Creation are not in conflict with each other. Here, students also experienced an interactive 4D special effects theater and toured beautiful gardens while learning more about God’s design for the world. According to Sophomore Eli Clinard, "I thought the trips were cool because they showed us a lot about God's creation and the ark was really cool." Eli appreciated spending time with friends outside of school as well, saying, "My favorite part was hanging out in our rooms."

Snapshots of Freshmen and Sophomores at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

In Atlanta, Georgia, the Juniors had a jam-packed schedule of fun and educational outings! Before venturing into the heart of A-Town, they hiked Stone Mountain and overlooked the skyline of the city that they were ready to explore. The group went "around the world" on their first day, enjoying Coca-Cola products from different countries at the Coca-Cola Museum, and visiting The Atlanta Zoo’s exotic creatures from all over the planet. They also toured and ate lunch at the CNN headquarters.

A highlight was touring the environmentally-friendly Mercedez-Benz Stadium and visiting the team locker rooms of the NFL Atlanta Falcons and MLS Atlanta United. Mr. Stephenson and Mr. Cornell, our PE teachers and brave chaperones, said their favorite experience was throwing "Hail-Mary's" to students across Centennial Park field and refereeing/participating in a highly competitive card game called Happy Salmon in the evenings. This class also learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior at the Civil Rights Museum and the Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Memorial, where they toured his childhood home and church. They wrapped up the trip at the Atlanta Aquarium where they were entertained by an outstanding dolphin show.

Our student body secretary, Lauren Marra, said, "My favorite part of our Atlanta trip was growing closer to my classmates and having fun with them during our fellowship time. We played a lot of games and had so much fun. My favorite place we visited was the Georgia Aquarium because the exhibits and shows were very impressive!" The Juniors had such a great time and are looking forward to Disney next year!

Photos of the Junior Class on their adventures in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Seniors enjoyed a week in Orlando, Florida, hopping from theme park to theme park! On Tuesday, Seniors visited Magic Kingdom and Epcot, ending the day with the Disney Enchantment fireworks and nighttime spectacular. “My favorite experience was Space Mountain from Magic Kingdom,” said Ross Gordon. Ross, a student in our Discovery Center who will be attending Appalachian State University in the fall, shared his favorite Walt Disney quote, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Animal Kingdom was the destination for the first half of Wednesday, then Hollywood Studios in the afternoon, and the Epcot Harmonious lights display and show to finish off the evening. Students were surprised when they were gifted with Lightning Lane Passes by the school, allowing them to skip the long lines for the day. Carlee Jakobowski, who will be attending Liberty University in the fall, said her favorite memory was going on Tower of Terror with her friends and teachers, "It was a terrifying and fun experience," she said.

Sea World was the first destination for Thursday, where students rode water rides, roller coasters, and watched aquatic shows. Mr. Smejkal, a math teacher and chaperone, found it interesting to watch students get off the water rides because some would barely be wet, while others were completely soaked. This was the first time in many years that the senior class visited Sea World, and it was one of the highlights of the week with exciting roller coasters and memorable shows. Later, they investigated Disney Springs. On Friday, students rode some rides at Bush Gardens before wrapping up their week with some down-time at the resort's pool and game room facilities. The weather was perfect the entire week with warm temperatures and no rain.

Students thought it was funny when Mrs. Carter, a math teacher and chaperone, greeted them every morning with a smile and, "Good morning, Sun-shines!"

Images of our Senior Class creating special memories of their last year together in Orlando, Florida.

Overnight field trips provide opportunities for our students to learn outside the classroom, visit new places, and deepen friendships. Ninth through eleventh grade trips always have a component of science, history, or English that counts toward a test grade. The twelfth grade focuses on fun and fellowship before moving beyond our walls. No matter which trip they attended this year as part of our tradition, our students had great experiences and made lasting memories!

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