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Sparking Curiosity and Enthusiasm

How many paper clips will fit into a 3 oz. cup of water, when that cup is already filled to the point of overflowing? Our middle school students are working to find the answer to this question.

When first introduced to this question, students predicted how many paper clips they believed could fit into the cup of water without the water spilling. After making their initial guess, they began conducting their own trials, tracking their results. Now, these budding scientists are comparing numbers, finding averages, and beginning to analyze their results.

This experiment goes beyond sparking curiosity, though. While investigating just how many paper clips can fit in that cup of water, students are learning the CER method - Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning. This process helps students think critically about how they answer questions by teaching them to look at the evidence and connect that evidence to their claims. Through this experiment, students are also learning why it is important to do the trial multiple times, and why they need to compare results with other groups. As a bonus, these scientists are refreshing their math skills by calculating the average number of paper clips they drop into the cup.

We love how creative and engaging our teachers are! They are sparking curiosity in our students, making students enthusiastic about learning! Our first week of school has set a great tone for the rest of this year. Connect with us on social media to see how our teachers engage students throughout the year.

So, how many paper clips will fit in a 3 oz. cup filled with water, without making the water overflow? Our middle school students will find out next week. Drop your best guess in the comments below!

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1 Comment

Caroline Anderson
Caroline Anderson
Aug 25, 2021

78 paper clips- just a guess

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