Dwayne Carson

Head of School

     It is my distinct privilege to serve as the Head of School for Salem Baptist Christian School, the home of the Vikings!  Whether you are prayerfully seeking to gain information about our school or you are already enrolled and part of the SBCS family or alumni, it is also my great joy to welcome you to our website where it is our desire that you will find the information you need!

     At Salem Baptist Christian School, we are striving to educate children to be as much like Jesus Christ as possible. From Luke 2:52, we see how Jesus Himself GREW!  He grew in stature, in wisdom, in favor with God and with man.  Using this as our guide, we want to help a child grow in these four areas.  Please allow me to quickly highlight how that happens.

     We read that Jesus as a child grew physically.  One of the ways we seek to help children grow physically is to encourage as many of our students as possible to get involved in an athletic sport.  Another way is by restricting some things from being put into the body as we know the tremendous harm that can come to the temple of God.  (You can find these restrictions in our handbook.)

Learning from how Jesus grew, we strive to help children grow in wisdom or intellectually.  The idea of wisdom takes on several components.  For us, without a doubt, we want them to be learning skills for making a living.  But more than just learning how to make a living, we want them to learn how to live life.   The wisdom we seek to impart comes through the filter of a Christian World View.   For us, wisdom is seeing life from God’s perspective.   At SBCS, we are seeking to impart knowledge that will help a student be prepared for future employment while imparting wisdom on how to live for Christ in whatever arena God may have for them.   What you will find at SBCS is a challenging academic curriculum yet, at the same time, we provide tremendous help for students who learn differently.   Our Discovery Learning Program is well staffed with professionals who will help students learn how to learn!

     From Luke 2:52 we see that Jesus grew in favor with God.  Yes, Jesus grew spiritually.  At SBCS we see ourselves as partners with the student’s parents and the student’s church to help the student grow spiritually.  We pray for each student to be saved and will provide opportunities for the student to hear the gospel and to respond to it.  We provide weekly chapels so that the student may be challenged to submit their lives to the Lord and His teachings.  We provide classroom teaching that will impart understanding of the Old Testament, the New Testament and of Biblical Doctrines.   Our teachers approach the teaching of God’s Word as more than just academics but with the desire that the class imparts truth that brings about transformation.  

     We also see that Jesus grew in favor with man. Jesus grew relationally.  Being in a school setting allows for relational and social development.  Friends are made, and families have opportunity to fellowship with one another.  At SBCS, we embrace the challenge of helping students learn how to get along with others.   Our theme this school year is BUILDING EACH OTHER UP!   We want students to learn and live out the one another’s of Scripture. 

     As you consider SBCS as a prospective family or you are on the journey now, know that we take very serious each aspect of growing like Jesus grew!  

     Know again it is my joy to welcome you to the SBCS website.   To the alumni, please keep us informed of how God is using you and how we can pray for you!  To those on the journey now, we are thrilled to be part of your lives.  To those who are considering SBCS as a place of learning we invite you to not only explore our website but come by and visit in person.  I would love to meet you and tell you more about this life changing school.  If we can be of any help to you, do not hesitate to ask!


Dwayne Carson

Head of School, SBCS