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Dual Enrollment
Partnership with FTCC

Career and College Promise (Dual Enrollment) through Forsyth Tech Community College is an opportunity available to qualifying Junior and Senior students. 


To qualify, students must have a 2.8 GPA, and be considered in good academic and social standing. 

How does the dual enrollment program work?

When a student is enrolled in a Forsyth tech class, we remove an elective from their SBCS schedule, and place them in an “FTCC Learning Lab.” These are structured, and dedicated study hall times, with only dual-enrolled students enrolled in them. These Learning Labs are designed to facilitate your student having the opportunity to complete their college coursework during their academic day. One Learning Lab is facilitated by an SBCS English teacher, and one by an SBCS math teacher, who are ready and willing to both maintain a quiet, conducive atmosphere to college study and be available to assist students as needed. 


Why take Career and College Promise (dual enrollment) classes?

  • Students have the ability to take advanced courses and to receive both high school and college credits. 

  • Dual enrollment is a tuition-free program!

Steps to Apply


Talk to the High School Guidance Counselor & Academic Advisor (Mrs. Archenbronn) to see if you qualify!

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