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“My daughter transferred to SBCS and its Discovery Achiever Program in middle school.  Through this unique program, my daughter has regained confidence in herself and her academic abilities.  She started as a full-time student in the D.A. program and, two years later, she is now taking a combination of mainstream classes and D.A. classes with a schedule specifically tailored to her personal strengths and challenges.  When I asked her what she liked most about the Discovery Achiever program she responded, "The teachers!"  I wholeheartedly agree.  I am thrilled with the Discovery Achiever Program and am so appreciative of the educational support my daughter is receiving at Salem Baptist Christian School-- what an asset in our community!”

Parent of high school student

“The DL program at SBCS has been a life changer for my son.  His struggles in public school with dyslexia were very discouraging.  Failing every spelling, writing and vocabulary test, with no interventions designed to help, was definitely an eye opener for me as a parent.  The SBCS DL program’s teachers are all trained to help your child reach their potential and succeed in the classroom.  I cannot praise them enough; especially Mrs. Brown who was my son’s teacher.  She went above and beyond to make him feel comfortable, relaxed, important and loved.  With her expertise, I saw my son going from failing to making the Honor Roll.  What more could I ask for?”  
Parent of high school Discovery Learning graduate

“My son has been in the Discovery Learning program since kindergarten.  He is now entering 7th grade and the changes that have been made in him are phenomenal.  I can't say enough about the teachers and therapists at Salem.  First, they truly care about the success of their students and go above and beyond.  My son is severely dyslexic and struggles with attention, but through the different programs they have, his scores for the end of year testing have continually improved and he has officially graduated from the program.  To keep his success going he will continue in a transition program as he enters 7th grade.”

Parent of Discovery Learning Student



“As a parent you are hopeful that your child will do well in school academically and socially.  Our daughter was tested in kindergarten as part of the screening process.  We were informed that she would likely benefit from one-on-one instruction provided by the Educational Therapists in the Search and Teach program at SBCS. We were appreciative that they provided the free screening. Of course, we were interested in the program. We wanted to provide her with every opportunity to be successful with her school work, now and in her future. However, we also had reservations about whether she would like the program, would it make her feel different from the other children in the classroom and would the other children treat her differently.  As it turned out, she thought Mrs. Vannoy was very nice and she had lots of fun playing the educational games. To her, she was one of the lucky kids in her class that was able to go play games and earn candy. Her classmates were actually envious of the children that were allowed to go with Mrs. Vannoy. The fun instruction she received helped her to excel in her school work. When they told us she was doing so well that she no longer needed to participate in the program, we were heartbroken. We miss Mrs. Vannoy but still see her regularly around the campus. Academically, my daughter has made all A's the last two years and has always been on the honor roll. Socially, let's just say, in her opinion, there are not enough days in the week for sleepovers. We have in the past and continue to recommend the Search and Teach program at SBCS highly!”

Parents of Search & Teach/Early Discovery Student



“We are very thankful for the DL program at Salem. We know that the Lord led us to Salem for many reasons, especially for our son. He struggled horribly in first and second grade with anything related to phonetics, reading, and writing, along with ADHD.  After we had him tested, we had our answers.  He had a deficiency in phonetics and written expression. Beginning in third grade, he began Discovery Learning.  Within one year, he went from a kindergarten level of reading to being on grade level.  He was in Discovery Learning from third grade until graduation. Discovery Learning provided him with training, resources, and accommodations that helped him excel and succeed.  With discipline and determination, we saw his self-confidence improve year after year. He developed a love of reading and achieved an excellent grade point average which enabled him to get into a university with academic scholarships.”

Parent of Recent Discovery Learning/SBCS Graduate

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