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Discovery Center


The Discovery Learning Program is for students who struggle academically but have average to superior ability. The students in the program receive cognitive educational therapy that works to remediate specific processing deficits that have been identified through academic and cognitive testing. This includes memory skills, auditory processing, visual and motor processing, and cognitive fluency. The program is affiliated with the National Institute of Learning Development ( and has been in operation at Salem since 1999. Discovery Learning provides individual educational therapy for students during the school day with a specially trained educational therapist.  The goal for each student is to become an independent learner. 


The Early Discovery Program is an early (primarily kindergarten and first grade) intervention program developed to meet the educational needs of young learners before they experience the frustration of learning failure. It focuses on developing foundational skills necessary for success in reading. The twice weekly sessions focus on targeting the deficit areas through techniques that build perceptual skills such as visual memory, auditory sequential memory, directionality and motor skills. Some students transition from Early Discovery into the Discovery Learning Program at the beginning of 3rd grade.


Discovery Achievers is for students in middle school and high school, who are functioning below grade level in reading and math, and would benefit from smaller classes and more specialized instruction. The program is designed to enable the students to discover success and achievement in a small group setting, and at a pace that suits their individual needs. In addition to the academic program, students also receive life-skills instruction as well as participate in electives. Some students are able to mainstream into regular academic classes when their skills reach the point that they will be successful in the class.

In order to be considered for placement in the Discovery Learning Program, a student must submit an educational battery of testing administered by a psychologist.

Susie Cole

Discovery Center Director

NILD Educational Therapist

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