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National Beta Club

The National Beta Club was founded in 1934 to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership, and service.  It is currently the largest independent non-profit, educational youth organization in America and has been preparing today's student to be tomorrow's leaders.  In the last 80 years, they have helped nearly 7 million students to make their life better for themselves.




Director of Student Life: Tempa Cabrera


Faculty Advisor/Sponsor: Jessye Wells


Planned Activities: SBCS Event Support and Service Projects

Affiliations: Chapter of the National Honor Society

Meeting Dates: As Scheduled



President: Elaina Bolous 

Vice President: Lauren Marra 

Secretary/Treasurer: Hailey Duggins

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National Beta Club Inductee Criteria Requirements

In order to be inducted into the National Beta Club, a student must be in the 9th grade or above and has maintained a B- average and must have the support of the teaching staff and administration* regarding their achievement, character, leadership, and service.


A student of achievement pursues excellence in academic achievement.


A student of demonstrates a love for God and others through words, actions, and attitudes.


A student leader develops leadership skills through school and community service and representation.


Demonstrates the National Beta Club Motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others.

2021-2022 National Honor Society and National Beta Club Members and Sponsors

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